Stellplätze Central und Südamerika

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Community Baboon Sanctuary (N17 33.203 W88 32.053)

BZ$5 per head to camp overnight. Daytime walk with howlers is BZ$14 each. Only facilities are toilets which are open when centre is open. WIFI available for free.

Cucumber Beach Marina (Old Belize) (N17 28.338 W88 14.906)

BZ$15 for night (includes electricity and water). Parking is at waters edge in the harbour. Access to beach resort (usually USD 10 per head but free if camping) – artificial beach with huge and very fast water slide – beware of sand flies. Nice restaurant and bar on site. Small shop. WIFI also available for Free. Can leave your vehicle here when you visit the Cayes.

Belize Zoo Parking (N17 21.080 W88 33.250)

Belize zoo – BZ$30 per head – very good. No SLR lens greater than 100mm allowed ! Possible to spend night in parking lot. No facilities.

Inglewood Camping (N17 08.345 W89 05.250)

Cost: BZ$25 + tax = 27.50 per night. Includes water but electricity separately metered. BZ$0.75 per KW. Showers (no hot water), flush toilets. WIFI available but not always on – you have to ask, if the owner is using it herself there is no charge. Careful in wet weather because ground is very soft.



Yaxha Camping (N17 04.022 W89 24.027)

Toilets, outdoor showers, by lake. Free with entry to ruins. Camping area is just down the road from the day parking – next to the museum. There is also a nice spot right by the lake down a small track – better for smaller vehicles.

 Jaguar Inn Camping (N17 13.573 W89 36.711)

Camping at Jaguar Inn/ Q25 per person. Power availabe but limited hours – 6.30-10pm in evening. Showers and toilets available. Internet Q40 per day. Not much space here but can park on grass to right of buildings.

 Grutas de Lanquin (N15 34.812 W89 59.435)

Long drop toilets. Caves which can be toured. Q70 camping fee includes entry. Very quiet overnight.

Semuc Champey (N15 32.185 W89 57.298)

Parking lot of Semuc Champey – can camp here. Lots of room and level BUT large vehicles cannot get over bridge to get here. Also road in bad condition after days of rain, check forecast before leaving, may be wiser to join a tour from Lanquin.

Carisa Gasolinas, Tactic (N15 21.387 W90 25.401)

Gas station. No Charge. Toilet available. Large level area away from pumps for parking.

Hotel Tzanjuju, Lake Atitlan (N14 44.554 W91 09.809)

Hotel by the lake shore. Camping is right on the shore of the lake with great view. Power available from one double plug at the disused restaurant (you may have to ask them to turn it on). Cost is Q200 per night, open to bargaining. Water is available from a number of taps around the camping area. Hot showers and flush toilets available at hotel. Swimming pool in good condition. It looks like they are refurbishing the restaurant. Beautiful gardens and only 5 minutes walk to centre of town.

Gasolinera, San Bartolome Milpas Atlas (N14 36.526 W90 40.698)

Paid Q37 to nightwatchman to stay. No facilities.

Parqueo, Antigua (N14 33.584 W90 44.506)

Secure Parking Lot (more like a long grassy avenue) in town opposite bus station in Antigua. Q125 per night. (bargained down from Q150). No facilities. Water faucet available. Some shade. Locked at 8pm!

Turicentro Automariscos Balenario (N14 25.984 W90 39.298)

Full Hookups and small palapas with grills. Pools and Waterslides. Flush toilets, outdoor showers for men, private showers in the ladies bathroom. Closed on Mondays but someone should still be there to let you in.


El Salvador

 El Mangal, Suchitoto (N13 56.732 W89 01.045)

El Mangal Restaurant and swimming pool. $8 per night. Power available from toilet block with long lead. Water available from near shower block with long hose. Flush toilets and cold showers. Bus 60c up hill to town. Restaurant only open for lunch. Small cabins also available.

Cerro Verde National Park (N13 49.592 W89 37.410)

Camping in parking lot of Cerro Verde National Park. $10 per night. Power availabe from toilet block with long lead. Flush toilets. Police presence all day but everyone goes home at 5pm. Very quiet overnight.

Shell Gas Station, El Salvador (N13 38.954 W89 53.486)

USD6 to stay. Toilets. No other facilities. Secure parking area behind gas station.

Laguna de Alegria (N13 29.632 W88 29.506)

$2 entry fee. Outhouses around lake but they are pretty grim. Camping near entrance on lake shore for a large vehicle– Many spots around lake for smaller vehicles. Height issues due to low hanging trees for vehicles over 3 metres. Locked overnight.

Roots Campground, El Tunco (N13 29.630 W89 23.050)

Bare dirt lot. $10 per night camping, very close to beach and locked at night. Flush toilet with salt water cold shower. Bar and very good but pricey restaurant with swimming pool between campground and beach (to use pool $3 per person + must eat). Power is available. Water too salty to be useful. Wifi available at Jaguar inn at street end of campground. There are other options available in El Tunco too.



Hotel Gualiqueme (N13 18.854 W87 11.477)

Hot ! Parking in hotel carpark. Shade is available. Swimming pool and bar/restaurant. WIFI from parking lot. US20 per night. 24hr security and just off PanAm. Water spigots in car park – no power. About halfway across Honduras if rushing across.



 Campestre Esteli (N13 08.908 W86 22.072)

Power (with long cable) – outside sockets didn’t work but there is a socket inside on the upper level. Water. Flush toilets. Bad showers in block by pool. Swimming pool and tennis court. Parking on concrete or grass. Nic$230 per night. Ensure vehicle doesn’t touch trees here, we had problem with large ants as a consequence.

Also possible to camp at Hotel Campista, 100 metres or so along the road on the right hand side after Campestre Esteli. Hotel run by Welsh guy and Nicaraguan wife.

 Finca Lindos Ojos (N13 14.504 W86 15.360)

At altitude so cool. Parking on grass. Road is rough to get here (dodgy in wet season). High clearance needed. Horse rides and hikes available. Communal dinner available. Cabanas and outhouses with shower. USD5 camping cost. Maximum vehicle size, 25 feet long due to tight right hand turn into Finca.

Volcan Masaya National Park (N12 00.181 W86 08.909)

Camping here N100 + N100 per head entry. Night watchman on duty. No facilities except picnic tables but toilets in museum when open.

Fortaleza de Coyotepe (N11 59.764 W86 05.914)

Possible Free Camping just before reaching the fort on flat area to the left. If more than 10ft high park at foot of fort rather than drive to gate as you can’t turn round (we had to reverse part way back down the hill). If you go here, ask for a tour, they are great value (English available) and the story is amazing.

Fire Station,Granada (N11 55.910 W85 57.390)

Great place to camp almost in centre of town. Firemen are very friendly. Very secure. N200 per night. No facilities.

Granada Camping By Lake – Centro Turistico (N11 54.504 W85 56.003)

Don’t be fooled by the name, camping not recommended here and not worth visiting either, shabby. Thousands of flies. Noisy and security situation uncertain. Fire station is much better.

 Mirador De Catarina (N11 54.477 W86 04.119)

Camping possible here for a fee in spacious parking lot on the left. Close to Restaurant/Disco though which is open until late. No facilities but close to restaurants.

Hotel California, Liberia (N11 27.464 W85 47.606)

$10 per night. Free WIFI. No Power or water in price. 24hr security. Flush toilet in main office. Parking on grass under trees around back of the property. Can leave vehicle here while you go to Isla de Ometepe.

San Juan Del Sur – Malecon (N11 15.028 W85 52.399)

Camping possible along sea front. Free. Left far end from town better as near police station and quieter. No facilities.


Costa Rica

Rincon De Vieja National Park (N10 46.375 W85 20.993)

Camping in car park outside park. Free. Beware of high winds. Too windy to camp while we were there. Toilets inside park entrance.

Delfin Trailer Park (N10 39.454 W85 28.183)

$10 per night. Power and water. Cold showers and flush toilets. Looks slightly derelict but still in operation and perfectly good place to stay. Quiet although more activity at night, possible Auto Hotel.   Has swimming pool but not included in price. Also has a pet sheep in pool complex!

Lake Arenal Camping (Nuevo Arenal) (N10 32.188 W84 55.565)

Communal recreation area. Camping by lake. Free. No Facilities but toilets during day. Although water tap available and possible power if parked near small building. Locked overnight.

Arenal View (N10 26.312 W84 43.777)

Pull off by river at side of gravel road. Quiet overnight. No facilities. Free.

Playa Grande (N10 20.184 W85 50.991)

Parking in small sandy Parking lot next to beautiful beach. No facilities. Free and very quiet overnight. Also a paid parking lot down the road with security.

Parking Area, Santa Elena (N10 19.007 W84 49.397)

Flat disused piece of land in middle of Santa Elena. Relatively quiet overnight. No facilities. WIFI available if you go to Hotel and get password. Free. Alternatively ‘The Common Cup’ coffee shop is close, very good and has wifi.

Monteverde Reserve (N10 18.153 W84 47.721)

Possible to Camp on road outside reserve. Difficult to get flat for big vehicles, soft verges – more suited to smaller vehicles. Toilets available in reserve.

Outside Volcan Poas NP (on road)

Not very level. No camping in park. No Facilities although toilets in park – opens 8am – 3.30pm. Free

La Paz Waterfall Gardens (N10 12.309 W84 09.673)

Free camping with admission. Admission is expensive – USD35 each but you can spend all day there, the place is very good with aviary, butterfly house, ranarium, big cats, sloths, hummingbirds , orchid garden, trout pool and waterfall trail through cloudforest. Toilets during opening hours.

Cabinas Ramirez, Manuel Antonio (N9 23.593 W84 09.047)

Camping possible for smaller vehicles. We were too big.

Manuel Antonio Park (N9 23.483 W84 08.751)

Parqueo. expensive. We found a lot on the ‘public beach’ sea front that was willing to allow us to stay overnight. (Near end of road) for only C3000.

Dominical Beach Camping (N9 10.016 W83 51.797)

Free camping on beach. No facilities. Lots of spots all along beach here under trees – be careful of falling coconuts.

Green Forest, Uvita (N9 10.016 W8 44.482)

Hostel – space on driveway for 1 or 2 RV’s. Power and water available. Very nice host, can arrange tours for you or take you hiking. We were given use of the dorm toilets and shower as there were no guests at the time. USD10 per night.

Flutterby House Hostel (N9 09.225 W83 44.193)

Very nice hostel – only suitable for smaller vehicles. Height and space restrictions.

Marino Ballena NP (N9 08.953 W83 44.002)

Camping in parking lot.

Villas Gaia, Ojochal (N9 04.662 W83 39.534)

Hotel – $75 + tax per night. Large enough car park for us and long lead gets power from near Cabana. Lovely pool, great restaurant and bar. Wifi available in restaurant. Good place to stay whether you need a break from the heat or no.



Boquete Free Camp (N8 48.240 W82 27.150)

Large gravel area off the road next to old bridge (weight limit 5t – although we went over it anyway). No facilities. Very quiet overnight. Free. Also spot down by river but not flat and only really suitable for smaller vehicles.

 Boquete Visitor Centre (N8 45.468 W82 25.919)

It is possible to stay overnight in the small car park here. Toilets available during café hours. We thought it might be a bit noisy as it is on the main road into town.   Seriously delicious smoothies at Café Katowa.

Las Lajas Beach Cabins (N8 10.347 W81 52.560)

Camping right on beach between Cabanas. USD5 per night. Power available from Cabanas (extra $3 per night). Flush toilets and outdoor showers available. Very quiet during week but busy at weekends. Beach is almost deserted in week. There is a bar to purchase drinks but bring your own food and water.

Chiriqui Mall (N8 25.888 W82 27.738)

Super Baru supermarket + 6 screen cinema. Overnight parking possible here but probably noisy and busy.



Navy Museum Car Park, Cartagena   10:25.273N75 33.162W

Large car park where we parked for a night. Cost: Col 23k. From approx 8pm until 1pm next day. The spaces in the car park itself are quite short but there is room for bigger vehicles by the entrance. 24hr Security.

There is also a secure car park by the convention centre which is bigger. However this was closed due the Summit of the Americas while we were there.

Playa Veneto 10:57.052N 75:01.726W

Long sand Beach. Parking on beach in front of row of Palapas. Absolutely deserted during the week. There are restaurants which I assume are open at the weekend but were closed. Free. Porta-toilets are available.

Casa Grande   11:16.692N 73:51.909W

Relaxed beach camping with power, flush toilets and cold showers. Palapas available. Large area available for camping – however sand gets deep towards front. This is right next to Tayrona NP but not in Park. Small restaurant and bar on site. Empty during week and slightly busier at weekends but not too bad. Relatively expensive at COP 25,000 per night.

Terpel Petrol Station, Pelaya   08:40.814N 73:39.505W

Petrol stations just outside a small town. Quiet over night. No Facilities. Free.

Parque National de Chicamocha 6:47.366n 73:00.255W

Free Parking overnight. Power available from toilet block at end of car park. Check with police that its ok. Great view down into gorge from parking. Very quiet for night although car park is brightly lit.

El Candado, San Gil 6:34.223N 73:06.484W

C20,000 per night camping. Water, power (from socket by gate), showers (cold) and nice toilets. Big swimming pool – cool but very refreshing. Owner is father of owner of Casa Grande on coast – very welcoming. Turn from road is not that obvious but is opposite petrol station about 5km South of town – up the hill. Pass over narrow bridge, through mock castle gateway (high clearance – we made it underneath with an inch or two to spare) and down dirt track to Candado. The left turn between the gateway and the bridge on the way out is tight, may not be possible for vehicles much longer than us (25 feet).

Camping San Jorge, Villa de Leyva 5:38.915N 73:31.133W

C11k per person per night. Water (tap on main building) and Electricity (sockets in small camping palapa) available. Hot showers + flush toilets (very clean). Friendly host and lovely dogs. We were the only people there during the week but a few tent campers turned up for the weekend. You have to drive down a rough stony track to get there and the turn from the main road is N5 38.915 W73 31.133. No height restrictions and large gravel car park for turning around.

Terpel Station, Outside Tunja 5:29.499N 73:24.185W

Terpel Station. Free. Good clean toilets in small shop. Free.

Alternative for Tunja: Unicentro Mall 5:32.810n73:20.830W

Carrefour supermarket plus a number of fairly upscale shops. Could spend night in street outside. Parking for larger vehicles not in car park but quiet street next to centre. Free WIFI in mall.

 Bogota: Secure Parking next to Portal 80 Mall, Bogota 4:42.725N 74:06.533W

Secure Parking next to Portal 80 Mall (excellent mall with free wifi). COP 23k per 24 hours. Transmilenio end of line is just next to mall – can take bus from here straight to Av. Jimenez for La Candelaria region.

Fresno: Terpel Petrol Station, Fresno ( 5:09.290N 75:01.916W

Overnight stop. It was late and we didn’t have much choice. Attendant asked for COP 10k for night. Quiet overnight. Very small area and we just managed to squeeze in at back.

Outside Termales de Santa Rosa (4:50.579N75:33.349W

Outside entrance to Santa Rosa Thermals. Large gravel parking area. Fine to spend night here. Free. No facilities.

There are two sets of thermals inside the gate. The Baleanero is just inside the gate. We went to the hotel which is a bit more upscale (N4 50.269 W75 32.928). Entry is COP 23,000 per person. Several hot pools with waterfalls running into the pools. Bar, cafe and posh restaurant. No overnight parking at hotel or baleanero. Free WIFI.

Hebron Restaurant/Hotel, Valle de Cocora (4:38.189N 75:29.322)

COP 12,000 per night. Access to shower and toilet. No Hot water. There is a level area outside the main building to park on. They only let us stay one night as they were hosting a cycling event the next day but said usually it wouldn’t have been a problem for us to stay longer. We moved across the road.

Los Palmas Restaurant and Eco-Hotel, Valle de Cocora (4:38.216N 75:29.333W

Cold Shower, toilets (good ones in restaurant and less good ones in camping area) bar and restaurant. Power is available from outside sockets by coffee shop. 8000 COP per person per night. The restaurant is really good, they serve some fantastic trout and the owner is very friendly. Parking is in the large parking lot of the camping area. Very quiet overnight.

Regional Parque El Vinculo, just South of Buga (3:50.096N76:17.869W

Very expensive at COP50,000. Access road is unpaved and narrow with low overhanging trees. Not recommended for vehicles of our size due to 1 tight turn on hill and low trees (although they are nicely pruned since our visit!). Site is on top of hill with water and electricity. There is a small kitchen for your use – just a sink really. Toilets with cold showers. OK view of valley but not worth 50,000!.

Petromil, El Hogar (2:42.505N 76:32.410W

Petrol station with big area for parking. Showers and toilets. Small garage, restaurant and convenience store. Free.

Parqueo Popayan, next to bus station (2:27.078N 76:36.553W

No Toilets but there is an Exito five minutes walk away for free toilets or pay toilets in bus terminal 1 minute away. Hand car washing available (very thorough) and a small mechanic shop in corner. COP 7000 for 24 hours. Town is about 15 minutes walk.

Hostal Hacienda Anacoana (1:53.986N 76:16.867W

Parking on driveway of beautiful hotel in lovely grounds. Toilets. Power with long lead from outside rooms. Water from laundry room – we didn’t fill because it had funny colour. Restaurant for nice meals. Hot shower available on request. Cost: 15,000 COP per night. Hotel can also arrange horse riding in surrounding area.

Alto de Los Idolos 1:55.010N 76:14.594

Camping on grassy area outside archaeological site. Ask guard to use toilets in the site –they shouldn’t be locked. There is 24 hour security at the site. Free.

You could also camp outside the main Parque Arquelogico but it is difficult to get flat. (N1 53.216 W76 17.695)

Restaurant El Sabor del Campo 1:08.150N 77:02.280W

No facilities other than Restaurant – not even sure they had toilets. Free. We had a really cheap but tasty meal of soup here – 50c each.   There was more food available (she served a huge lovely looking plate of trout to a customer but after 11.5 hours driving that day we were almost too tired to eat).

Terpel,Iles – 4km North of Ipiales (N0 59.297 W77 28.302)

Petrol station. Large parking area at one end. Restaurant (good meal of trout here – pretty cheap) and toilets available. Free.

Hotel Mayasquer (N0:48.978N 77:39.513W

15,000 COP for overnight camping. extra 15,000 COP to use room for hot shower. WIFI free. Water available from tap next to hotel entrance. There is also a restaurant here. The hotel is about 500m from the border. Parking is on level concrete out front.



 Primax Petrol Station, Ibarra (N0 23.412 W78 06.411, 2237m)

Petrol station. Bought Diesel. Toilets. Free

Below Laguna Cuicocha (N0 17.556 W78 20.890, 3040m)

Free camping spot with view of valley and across Otavalo. Very quiet. No Facilities. No overnight parking is allowed at Laguna Cuicocha anymore.

Cascada De Peguche Waterfall Car Park (N0 14.572 W78 14.562, 2590m)

Could camp here for free.

Rincon De Viajero Camping (N0 13.128 W78 16.602, 2656m)

Very nice campsite on a slightly sloping grassy area with room for 2 big campers on the only flat bit. Hot showers, kitchen with gas hob, toilets, power (110v and 230v) and water. 20 minute walk into town or 50c bus. On road to Mojanda lakes.   English spoken and very helpful owner Dennis is happy to provide lots of local info. $10 per night.

Mitad Del Mundo Parking (S0 00.241 W78 27.285, 2477m)

Parking for Mitad Del Mundo Monument – May be possible to overnight here.

Town Square, Mindo (S0 03.182 W78 46.460, 1240m)

Parked on Town Square. Quiet overnight. No Problems. Free but no Facilities.

Hotel Quito Parking (S0 12.183 W78 28.847, 2844m)

Parking next to Hotel Quito. Free when staying at the hotel. With big vehicle do not go through main entrance but side entrance at back. Hotel is lovely but expensive at $111 per night (including taxes)

Roadside Turnout, On Way to Papallacta (S0 19.136 W78 13.374,3764m)

Turnout by restaurant on road to papallacta. Free. No Facilties.

Termas de Papallacta (S0 21.715 W78 08.981, 3307m)

Parking in Balneario car park at Thermals. Toilets in camping are. $6 per person. Thermals are $7 per person entry (multiple entry per day allowed). Some of the nicest thermals we have seen.

Papagayo Hotel  (S0 33.469 W78 35.681, 2532m)

Hotel that takes overlanders. Entrance to property down realtively narrow dirt road (ok for us). Turn into gate very tight and we decided not to do it. In a smaller vehicle this would be a great place to stay.

Petro Commerical on Panam near Lasso (S0 38.779 W78 35.657, 3507m)

Free. Parking at Gas Station. Toilets available.

Diver’s Lodge, Puerto Ayora (S0 44.488 W90 18.720, 2m)

Small relatively reasonably priced Hotel on Santa Cruz. 5 minutes walk from Charles Darwin Centre.

Cloudforest Hostel (S0 47.922 W78 55.137, 3192m)

Overland trucks stay here so there is room apparently but with a couple of cars already parked there it looked too tight for us.

Laguna Quilotoa Parking Lot (S0 52.024 W78 54.965, 3878m)

Most of parking lot is slopey but possible to get flat in a couple of places. No facilities although pay toilets are available. $2 per person entry fee. Very windy ! Free to stay night.

Pequeno Paraiso (S1 24.126 W78 17.278, 1499m)

Lovely gardens in campsite with hot showers, kitchen/inside area, wifi. Small campers can park in gardens, big campers in truck park – area by orchard. Electricity and water in both areas. Marc and Sue both English speaking ex overland truck drivers very friendly and can arrange canyoning and white water rafting. Bus into Banos takes 20 minutes and 50c. Highly recommended. Cost $10 per night.

Ps Petrol Station (S1 34.269 W78 43.069, 3143m)

Petrol Station Camping. Toilets available. Not bad overnight. Free.

Pircapamba Hosteria, Alausi (S2 11.563 W78 50.771, 2400m)

15 minute walk from train station along nice track. Toilet and warm shower available. Water available. Parking on flat volleyball court. Nice day room with food and games (Table tennis, Pool table, Table football etc.). Cost $10 per night.

Ingapirca Parking (S2 32.444 W78 52.343m, 3170m)

Cold overnight but quiet in mostly flat car park just outside site. 24 hour security. Toilets (very nice) opened at around 8.30am.

Cabanas Yanuncay (S2 54.341 W79 01.689, 2569 m)

US15 per night. Electricity 110v/220v + Water and fast internet. Parking on grass – be careful in wet weather. Humberto and his wife are very friendly and will help you if you need any repairs. Access to Toilet and hot showers in cabin or if full in their house. About a 20 minute walk from town.

Hosteria “San Luis”, Huizho (S3 19.613 W79 44.424, 51 m)

Hosteria with big swimming pool and water slides. Toilets by pool (Not very nice). Cost $5 per person including free use of pools. Restaurant on site.



 3 Grillos Puntas Hospedaje, Zorritos (S3 41.784 W80 42.322 ,1m)

Eco Hostal on the beach. Parking at Palapas just back from the beach (only 2 available and they were taken by 2 other campers when we arrived). S20 per night. extra 5 for electricity and 5 for wifi. Lots of hammocks on beach.

Hua Lodge, Punta Sol (S3 58.881 W80 58.689 ,64m)

This is a beachside hostel with space at back for large vehicle and it takes overland trucks (Dragoman). However they told us we couldn’t camp. Others may have better luck.

Primax, Sullana (S4 55.469 W80 41.855 ,106m)

Petrol station camping. Relatively quiet overnight. Free. 24hr security. Decent toilets

PetroPeru, Bagua Grande (S5 44.065 W78 27.984 ,442m)

Petrol station with toilets. Quite hot, humid and lots of mosquitoes in this area.

Main Plaza, San Pablo (S6 02.535 W77 55.166, 1917m)

Free. Very Very quiet overnight in very friendly village.Public Toilets in one corner of square. From here it is a three hour hike to Gocta falls. Small municipal charge for hike to falls

Villa de Paris, Chachapoyas (S6 14.422 W77 52.240 ,2271m)

Nice hotel on outskirts of town which allowed us to camp in the car park. S35 per night. Water available. Power if you ask. Restaurant on site. WIFI -”villadeparis1″. Pool -but empty when were there. Short narrow dirt road to get there but plenty of room to turn around at end. Toilets but no showers. We found the centre of town difficult to drive through and there is nowhere to park a larger vehicle.

Kuelap Parking (S6 25.577 W77 55.601 ,2924m)

The parking area at Kuelap was being rebuilt while were there so we had to park on uneven dug up ground. There were no toilets. Once visitor centre and parking lot is finished this will be an excellent place to stay.

Tucume Parking area (S6 30.770 W79 50.868, 50 m)

Overnight here possible. Free. No Facilities.

Ecolodge Manita Helmita, Lambayeque (S6 42.119 W79 53.740 ,38m)

Ecolodge at the back end of town. Difficult to find but sand road leads to the site. The owner is a lovely older gentleman who said it was free for us to stay but when pushed said he would accept a tip (we paid 15 Soles). We were given key to toilet and shower. Free WIFI available from restaurant area. Swimming Pool. Very quiet overnight.

Leimebamba Museum (S6 43.271 W77 47.539 ,2933m)

This would be perfect to spend the night with toilets and wifi, however when we asked we were turned down. Others may have more luck. The museum is very good and is on the road to Celendin.

Negro River (S6 43.809 W77 49.870 ,2407m)

Possible to wild camp by river (must take left fork in road to get there – not the main road), but we did not stay here.

Hostel Garuda, Pimentel (S6 50.114 W79 56.269 ,3m)

Basic Hostal with small secure car park in rear. Power and water available – did not use. S.15 per night. Big iron gates lock off car park. Toilets and hot showers available inside the hostel (you don’t have to use the yukky ones in the car park!). Wouldn’t bother with Pimentel – not much to see.

Pull-out by Cabin on road to Balsa (S6 50.865 W77 57.792 ,1857m)

In this area there aren’t many places to stay as many of the pull-outs are subject to rockfall. There is a small cabin by the side of the road with room to camp. When we arrived there was no one around but in the morning we met the very friendly farmer and owner of the cabin who gave us some fresh avocados. No Facilities. It would be possible to camp in Balsa but very hot !

Hacienda San Antonio, Banos del Inca, Cajamarca (S7 08.943 W78 28.108 ,2696m)

Camping for S25 per person at posh Hacienda, 2km off the highway. Turn at S7 09.891 W78 28.492 off Banos del Inca to Cajamarca road. Toilets and showers available. WIFI available but slow. Very quiet overnight. Water available ! Power would be too if you asked.

Banos Del Inca – Municipal Parking off Plaza (S7 09.798 W78 27.908 ,2668m)

Parking in small car park outside baths. Quiet overnight on Friday night. Saturday night quite noisy from band playing till 1.30am. Free but we gave the car park attendant 5 Sols for keeping an eye on the truck.

Huanchaco Gardens RV Park (S08 04.407 W79 07.087 ,12m)

Lovely RV park in beach town. Parking on grassy area around the back by the swimming pool. A little expensive at 40 Sols per night but good WIFI, access to hot shower in unused hotel room and toilets and sink in the campsite. Water, electricity and laundry service available. Rooms only 50 Sols per night.

Rio Santa Campsite, Canon del Pato (S8 39.602 W78 05.297 ,756 m)

Large area by side of river, safe from rockfall. No Facilities. Very quiet night.

Laguna Paron, Caraz (S9 00.019 W77 41.091,  4188m)

Beautiful mountain lake. Camping by start of hiking trail. Also possible to park on lake shore down rough track by these co-ordinates. Wind is funnelled down here though so we decided to stay up top. No Facilities. Free.

By a river on road to Laguna Paron, Caraz (S9 01.954 W77 46.118 ,2754m)

Lovely riverside camping spot by small bridge. Free. No Facilities. We had lunch here but didn’t stay overnight.

Los Pinos Lodge, Caraz (S9 02.913 W77 48.842 ,2282m)

Expensive at S50 per night but very nice. Room in yard for 2 campers max. WIFI, electricity, water, hot showers and toilets. Hotel has really nice garden with sun loungers, nice lounge and very friendly dog.

Camping in Official Campsite by Lakes, Llanganuco Lake (S9 03.168 W77 37.085)

Very large camping area by one of the lakes. Costs S5 to enter for the day but if you want to stay over night it costs a staggering S65! We returned to Restaurant Campestre for the night.

Restaurant Campestre, Llanganuco (S9 06.348 W77 41.283 ,3378m)

Restaurant about 1km from entrance to Huascaran park. Allowed us to park overnight for Free – we did eat here. Restaurant closes by 6.30pm and after this very quiet. Toilets available. Free.

The Way Inn, Huaraz (S9 30.285 W77 27.963 ,3706m)

Beautiful lodge above tree line on plateau with access to great bouldering and hiking. Access is approx. 22kms up a narrow dirt road just big enough for us. S15 per night per person for camping. Toilet block and hot showers available. 3 course evening meal for S35 each. Is shut for guests when retreats are going on – check website for dates.

Real Huascaran Hotel, Huaraz (S9 30.798 W77 31.863 ,3019m)

Hotel with large outside car park – height restriction on entry – just over 3.5m, we just squeezed under. Camping S30 per night. Access to toilets in lobby, decent wifi and hot showers available in unused hotel room.

Miramar Hotel and Restaurant, Huarmey (S10 02.884 W78 09.495 ,48m)

Free. Hotel and Restuarant with nice courtyard for parking. Toilets and Showers available. We ate in the restaurant which was cheap and good. We asked if we could stay the night in car park and they said it was fine.

Reserva Natural de Lachay, 100kms north of Lima (S11 21.716 W77 22.251 ,439m)

National Park camping. S10 per person. 3 camping areas all with pit toilets. No other facilities. Often foggy and wet here but beautiful on a clear day. The Turning for Lanchay from the highway is at S11 24.403 W77 23.222

Hitchhiker’s Hostel, Lima (S12 07.345 W77 02.163)

Large hostel in Miraflores district of Lima. Power and water are available. Toilets, hot showers and a kitchen. There is only space for around 2 large campers 1 large and 2 small. Can be noisy at night as there are tables right next to parking area where people drink and smoke until late. Cost S30 per night.

Petro Peru Lurin, Lima (S12 15.228 W76 55.646 ,26m)

Large petrol station with shop, restaurant and toilets. Free. Relatively noisy but safe with 24hr security.

Cochera in central Ollantaytambo (S13 15.567 W72 15.665 ,2841m)

Very very quiet overnight. Decent Toilet on site. S.8 per night. Parking on grass. 24hr security.

Possible Camping above Urubamba (S13 19.050 W72 06.371 ,3085m)

We didn’t camp but large area above Urubamba would be good for staying overnight.

Car Park at Moray Inca Site (S13 19.482 W72 11.392, 3164m)

It’s possible to stay here overnight although we didn’t.

Plaza Vea shopping centre, Chincha (S13 24.976 W76 08.492 ,104m)

Manager let us stay after our window was smashed just outside their shopping centre, not recommended to stop here. Toilets in supermarket. Free

Quinta Lala, Cusco (S13 30.344 W71 59.114, 3625m)

Cost S10 per person + s10 for vehicle. Extra S5 for Wifi and S3 for power. Laundry S12 per load. Toilet and tepid shower on site. Water available but not great for drinking. Busy campsite likely to meet other travellers here but plenty of room. Parking in big grassy campsite, not quite level but there are boards around to help. Best way to get here is to drive to Plaza de Armas then take Plateros and follow Sapphi up to the campsite. Don’t trust GPS to route because it will try to take you down unsuitable roads (even for Landcruiser size vehicle).

Hotel Mochica, Ica (S14 03.692 W75 44.407 ,603m)

Hotel in Ica with secure parking lot. Made us pay for a room which was ok but we didn’t use because it was too cold. Had hot showers and toilet + tv in room. S50 per night.

Edge Of Road Spot on way to Cusco (S14 28.567 W73 14.447 ,3458m)

About 40m off the road behind some bushes. No Facilities. Free.

Maison Suisse, Nasca (S14 51.067 W74 57.496 ,582m)

Good sized secure car park around back with water and electricity. Restaurant on-site but we didn’t try. Room available with toilet and shower. 10 minute walk from airport. S40 per night.

Mirador Cruz Del Condor, Colca Canyon (S15 36.758 W71 54.273 ,3790m)

Large parking area next to Miradors. Toilets open 8am to 4pm. Free but S70 per person to enter the valley.

Truck Park by restaurant, Santa Lucia (S15 41.426 W70 36.156, 4056m)

Truck Park. S5 for guarded overnight parking. Yukky toilets available.

Sillustani Ruins, near Puno (S15 43.434 W70 09.082 ,3849m)

Car Park of Sillustani, behind barriers. To sleep you must buy a ticket for the next day. S10 per person. No facilities. Toilets available uphill near site for S1.

Hotel Las Mercedes, Arequipa (S16 24.024 W71 32.532 ,2313m)

Lovely Hotel with long thin grassed area for parking. Outside tap for water, electricity sockets outside. Dedicated overland bath rooms and showers. Can only stay when there are no overlanders so email ahead to check. Gorgeous lounge inside with quick internet. 3 minute walk to Plaza Vea supermarket and 10 minutes to town. Cost S22 per person per night. Staff are very friendly. Wait in small layby outside on busy road and get someone to open the gate. No need to turnaround inside as you can drive straight through to gate at the other end.



Copacabana Beach (S16 10.409 W69 05.651, 3819m)

On Lake Titicaca Beach further along from the trout restaurants. There is a good space just before the Hostel which appears to have no name. This was very quiet overnight with no traffic. Come to an arrangement with the owner of the hostel (who sells some pretty inventive jewellery made out of old cutlery) for toilets. There are also public toilets at the other end of the beach. FREE.

Ridgeline Camp on the Road to Sorata (S15 46.716 W68 40.187, 3033m)

On the road on the way to Sorata. This spot has a great view of two valleys. No facilities. FREE.

Altai Oasis, Sorata (S15 46.175 W68 39.295)

This is a lovely little campground. Access is however very difficult and absolutely not recommended in a larger vehicle. Even in smaller vehicles you must back down into the car park area as the turn into the drive is not possible. However this is a beautiful place to spend some time. We couldn’t stay because it was fully booked by competitors in a bicycle race – and we would have struggled to get in anyway !

Hotel Oberland, La Paz (S16 34.086 W68 05.343, 3314m)

This is one of the key overlander meeting spots as everyone seems to come here. The Hotel Oberland is a Swiss-owned hotel in the Mallasa district of La Paz. Mallasa is around a 20-30 minute collectivo ride from the centre (costs B2.20 per person). The Hotel can be reached by crossing the Valle de la Luna from El Alto thereby avoiding having to drop down into the rabbit warren of the main city. Spotless toilets and hot showers, a pool, Jacuzzi, good restaurant and cafe, laundry service and a very warm welcome from the staff make this a lovely place to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of La Paz. There are also power sockets and an external tap. B100 per night.

Thermal Baths, Sajama NP (S18 05.592 W68 58.737, 4293m)

No facilities. Sandy car park of the Thermal baths. Cold and quiet overnight. Spectacular views of surrounding mountains. Free. (Thermal Baths are S30 each and consist of natural pool in the altiplano).

Lake by Road to Potosi (S18 49.872 W66 43.852, 3774m)

Reservoir by the road just after the town of Challapata. Most of the access roads to the shore have been blocked but you can negotiate one. No facilities. Free.

Parking Lot in Potosi (S19 34.735 W65 45.342, 3936m)

We were too tall for Hotel Tarija (S19 35.069 W65 45.347) which is the usual overlander’s place to stay. This secure parking lot was very cheap and a 15 minute walk from the centre. No Facilities. B25 per night.

Hotel Austria, Sucre (S19 02.313 W65 14.776, 2867m)

Next to bus terminal. Secure parking lot behind hotel. Toilets and Showers available (hot if you use the ones inside the hotel). External water tap but no power. They wanted B120 to sleep in the truck or B100 to take a room. We took a room and slept in the truck anyway as it is a lot nicer than their rooms! WIFI in the hotel. Collectivo into centre from here is 10 minutes. (3 or A). They have 3 dogs on the grounds, be very wary of the little black one which took a chunk out of Sarah’s leg and tried to do the same to me!

Ojo del Inca, Nr.Potosi (S19 28.027 W65 47.684, 3412m)

This is an awesome place to stay. Short dirt track from the main road to reach the massive (100m across) circular hot pool. You can park right on the edge of the lake. Basic toilet block available. It was busy when we arrived but everyone left by dark. In the morning there was no one there and we had a beautiful solo soak. B70 per night.

Hostal Marith, Uyuni (S20 27.944 W66 49.598, 3722m)

Hostal in Uyuni with narrow parking yard. Room for 2 overland vehicles max. However they stack the vehicles in and if one needs to leave you may be asked to move to let them through. Power and water available. Hot showers and toilets. B60 per night.

Isla Incahausi, Salar De Uyuni (S20 14.450 W67 37.673, 3665m)

On the Salar next to the island. Toilets, water and a restaurant are available on the island. Picnic tables also. Very very quiet after sunset but during the day lots of Landcruisers. Camping here is FREE. Entry to Island walk is B30 per person and you need to show the ticket to use the toilets.

Outside Tonito Hotel, Uyuni (S20 27.912 W66 49.493, 3645m)

In the street slightly up from Tonito hotel. Tonito hotel has Minuteman Pizza which serves very nice Pizza. This is in front of army base guard post so very secure. No Facilities. FREE.

Laguna Honda (S21 37.367, W68 03.669, 4128m)

No Facilities. FREE. On shore of Lake. Bitterly cold at night – but fairly sheltered from the wind.

Laguna Colorado (S22 12.775 W67 47.951, 4312m)

No Facilities. FREE. On slight ridge above lake, in parking area. Landcruisers during the day but deserted at night. Brilliant views.

Laguna Blanca (S22 46.745 W67 48.215, 4354m)

No Facilities. FREE. On Flat exposed ground next to lake. Bitterly cold and very windy during the night.


Northwest Argentina

Camping Roadside Quarry, Salinas Grande (S23 26.243 W66 09.117, 3510m)

A turnoff from the main road goes through an area with large piles of scree about 200m from the road. There is a large flat area in front of one of the piles where it is possible to get out of the wind. Free. No Facilities.

Camping Municipal Xamena, Salta (S24 48.735 W65 25.150, 1166m)

Very large campsite with a massive swimming pool (only filled in the summer) – empty in November. Toilets and hot showers – being refurbished while we were here. Electricity (most sockets don’t work) and water. Cost is ARS 25 per night for an RV and 6 per person per night (total AR$37 per night). Buses into town are 7D and 3B (Return on Ituzaingo – stop opposite VEA supermarket). Try not to stay on a Saturday night unless you like to party until the early hours or have a good set of ear plugs as there is a nearby nightclub which plays music until 6am! WIFI is available at the small coffee shop just outside the gates or at the COPEC petrol station on the main road about 400m away.

Camping Municipal, Cachi (S25 07.327 W66 10.002, 2352m)

Camping at Southern end of town. Three areas – lowest layer under trees between cabins, middle layer – car camping with power, water, grills etc, third layer on grass with trees – electricity by very long cable from bathroom block if in top level. Toilets and hot showers. Large indoor pool (not filled while we were there). Cost 30AR$ per night.

Luz y Fuerza, Cafayate (S26 04.840 W65 58.629, 1555m)

Cost per camper AR/20 + AR/10 per person. Hot showers + toilets. Water + Electricity. Most sites are unshaded but there are 2 or 3 shaded sides on dirt as you come into the campground on the left. 5 minute walk from town. WIFI near the reception block. There is also a big swimming pool around the back.

Outside Quilmes Ruins (S26 28.032 W66 01.964, 1788m)

No Facilities. Free. Dirt area just before entrance to Quilmes. We asked to camp at Quilmes and were told to go here. Quite windy but died down at night. There are toilets in the ruins.

Camping El Molino, Londres (S27 41.959 W67 09.996, 1308m)

Very pretty shaded campground. AR/5 per person at weekend. Free during week. Electricity, picnic tables, grills, water + Swimming pool. Toilets and showers very average – no hot water. Small shop at weekends. Irrigation channels run around campground which are excellent for drowning out noise of grilling families !

Talambaya National Park Visitor Centre (S29 47.086 W67 59.639, 1241m)

Visitor centre. Camping on sand. Parking in cark park. Grills. Sun Shelters. Hot Showers (timed availability) and toilets. Cafe in visitor centre. Cost AR$40

Parque Ischigualasto (S30 09.845 W67 50.563, 1363m)

Small campsite next to Visitor centre. No access for big truck. We camped in car park behind dirt mound for wind shelter. In the campsite there is power and shelters but they are not adequate wind protection. WIFI. Hot Showers and Toilets. Cost AR$30

Parque Suizo, Mendoza (S32 51.270 W68 53.797, 926m)

Quiet camping area. Lots of shade from trees. Palapas with power and lights. Water is available. Toilets and hot showers. Very slow WIFI accessible throughout campsite.AR$100 per night.

Las Montanas, Porterillos (S32 58.317 W69 14.026, 1513m)

Camping on Grass. Lovely large plot down by the river. Hot Showers. Power. Water (with long hose). Grills and picnic tables.. Sheltered from wind. Very tranquil. Cost AR$50 per night.

Los Puquios Ski Resort (S32 49.483 W69 53.551, 2702m)

Free camping outside the ski season. We parked in the car park but tents and cars can go in the wind break behind the buildings. There is a toilet in the building with curved roof (hangar like). No other services. Free.


 Northern Chile

Camping Los Perales, San Pedro de Atacama (S22 54.794 W68 12.045, 2429m)

Cost: Ch$5000 per person per night. Hot showers (solar), Water (others have reported paying for water fill but we didn’t), electricitu from kitchen. Small kitchen with gas cooker (no oven).less than 5 minutes to square where there is free WIFI (slow).

El Tatio Geysers (S22 21.012 W68 00.928, 4311m)

We camped at the control office on the hill overlooking the geysers. Free with purchase of tickets. Toilets available in park opening hours.

Valle de Luna Overlook (S22 54.936 W68 14.880, 2610m)

Exposed spot on cliff overlooking Valle de Luna. Very quiet after sunset. No Facilities. Free.


Large Copec with onsite McDonalds in separate building. There is a quiet parking area next to McDonalds with all night security. The site is in the middle of the divided highway so there is some traffic noise at night. WIFI available both from McDonalds and Copec. Toilets. FREE.

2nd Hand Car Sales Lot, Santiago Fuenzalida (S33 18.594 W70 42.221, 534m)

2nd hand car dealership. US10 per night to park here. You can’t stay in the truck. We had got these coordinates from a fellow traveller but the owner was very surprised when we asked to park here for a few days. We had agreed a price but when we returned it went up to US50 per night but we negotiated back down to 10. Very secure. Easy transport link to central Santiago (take collective taxi from peaje on main road).

Los Robles, Seite Tazas National Park (S33 28.260 W70 59.480, 1099m)

National park camping. Sign says Ch10k per site however we paid nothing. I believe payment is only required in Jan/Feb. There were sites with power points (not working) and grills (quite old). There was also a central bathroom with showers, toilets and limited water. The loop road was too small for us to make it all the way round but there was plenty of room at the start to turn round, so the first few sites were accessible.

Copec, Parral (S36 08.011 W71 48.521, 166m)

Copec camping. Free. Toilets and showers. WIFI.

El Rinconcito, Salto de Laja (S37 13.187 W72 22.992, 134m)

Expensive but full service campsite. Each site has a sink, grill, power, picnic table, water and lights. The power and lights did not work while we were there. Its across the road from the falls. It was empty while we were there. CH$15000 per night. There is a restaurant on site but its only open at weekends. There is a shower and toilet block. Hot water is only available during limited hours.

Terpel, Victoria (S38 16.875 W72 22.021, 134m)

Free. Toilets and WIFI. In Terpel WIFI is only with purchase in the shop and you get 1 hour free.

Camping La Poza, Pucon (S39 16.861 W71 58.733, 221m)

Overlanders meet up spot (overland trucks also stay here). Wooded camping area with a river running through it. Grassy clearing as well as sites in shade. Electricity, portable grills, water, picnic tables. Hot showers (limited hours) and toilets. 5 minute walk from centre of town. Cost CH$3500 per person per night.

Conaripe Lakeside (S39 33.785 W72 00.654, 215m)

Free. Camping on level spot on shore of lake behind monument for those killed in volcano eruption. No Facilites. Very quiet overnight.

Lakeside, Entre Lagos (S40 40.833 W72 35.901, 211m)

Level area by boat launch on lake. Free. Quiet overnight but some activity during the day. Free. No Facilities.

Camping Molino, Puerto Octay (S40 58.633 W72 53.000, 54m)

Beautiful campsite on peninsula. We stayed on concrete pad at end of campground right on lake. Electricity, water, hot showers and toilets. 5 minute walk to plaza. CH$8000 per night (negotiated down from 10,000).

Camping Montana, Ensenada (S41 12.420 W72 32.406, 64m)

Beautiful camping spot. There are two sites right on the lake past a sign that says 4×4 only. Getting there was tight in a truck our size but doable. Electricity, shelter, showers (they told us they were hot but we couldn’t get hot water), toilets. Fogon (common building with fire), WIFI. Cost CH$10,000.

Copec, Puerto Varas (S41 21.048, W72 38.879, 7m)

Free. Copec camping. WIFI. Showers (hot water). Toilets. Shop and restaurant.

Playa Gaviotas, Ancud (S41 51.889 W73 45.707, 7m)

Nice campground although a little run down. Individual sites with hedges for wind protection. Each site has a covered picnic table and covered tent area (with sand floor). Electricity in each of the sites. There are rundown sinks with water at each end of the camping area. A path is a 5 minute walk to the beach. There is a large Fogon with tables, table football, covered grilling area and large fireplace. It rains a lot in Ancud !

Southern Chile

Camping Chiloe, Playa Gaviotas, Ancud (S41 51.889 W73 45.707, 7m)

Nice campground with beach access, although a little run down. Individual sites with big hedges for wind protection. Each site has a covered picnic table and covered tent area (with sand floor). Electricity in each of the sites. There are rundown sinks with water at each end of the camping area. There is a to the beach, 3-4 minutes walk away. There is a large Fogon with tables, table football, covered grilling area and large fireplace. It rains a lot in Ancud ! CH$8,000 per night.

Terpel, Castro, Chiloe (S42 27.021 W73 46.457, 54m)

Petrol Station in Chiloe. Parking area. Toilets and WIFI. Free

Licadad Camping , Castro, Chiloe (S42 30.800 W73 47.600, 47m)

Narrow lane down but large area at bottom. Toilets and cold showers. CH$8,000 per night.

Mirador, South of Castro, Chiloe (S42 28.910 W73 46.151, 75m)

Large area for mirador. Nice view but not a peaceful place to stay due to late night activity – cars coming and going late into the night. No facilities. Free.


Carretera Austral

Under South Side of Suspension Bridge, Carretera Austral North (S43 10.568 W72 26.396, 66m)

Small Beach just under the bridge. For tent campers there is a good grass area and can even put your tent under the bridge for shelter. Good Fishing. Good views. No Facilities. Free.

Caro del Indio, Road to Futalefu (S43 22.314 W72 04.584, 134m)

Pay campsite. There are small fogons at this place with running water. Wood fired showers. Rustic toilets. Pretty difficult to find a flat spot although we did manage. Access to the river for fishing although to a fairly small stretch. CH$3000 per person.

By Bridge, La Junta (S43 57.737 W72 23.770, 54m)

There is small picnic area on the Southern side of this bridge down at water level. No facilities. Free. Be careful as one end is a very low suspension cable for the bridge and even a tall car might struggle to get underneath. We parked at the top.

Quelat Campground, Ventisquero Colgante (S44 28.239 W72 32.889, 77m)

This has to be one of the nicest campgrounds we’ve seen in Chile. Each site has shelter with picnic table, grill and water tap. There are temperamental hot showers and clean toilets. The campground has two sections and the section nearest the bathrooms is better. CH$3,000 per person.

Pullout by Sea, Puerto Cisnes (S44 44.712 W72 41.708, 3m)

This is a couple of hundred meters along from a recreation area which is free. This was very busy as it was a holiday but would usually be a better choice. The spot we chose was a pull-out off the road right on the sea. Great views. No Facilities. Free.

Lago Las Torres Camping (S44 47.918, W72 12.141, 274m)

In fine weather this is a beautiful campsite on a beautiful lake. There are a number of small cabanas for camping/cooking here. Picnic tables and grills. Fairly grim toilets and showers across the highway. We didn’t have hot water although there is supposed to be. The owners run fishing trips on the lake. CH$6,000.

Roadside Pullout, El Salto on Rio Pollux (S45 41.093 W72 03.396, 366m)

Small Pullout by the side of the road. We didn’t want to stay in Coyhaique so we drove a few Km’s past and found this. There is virtually no traffic overnight. It is right next to a pretty waterfall and a small 20 minute hike will get you to the bottom of it. No Facilities. Free.

Laguna Chaguay, Cerro Castillo (S45 59.182 W71 52.857, 1007m)

5 campsites. All are large with shelters, firepits, bins, water and picnic tables. Central toilet block with hot showers (wood fired). Water pressure was low when we were there. This campsite has the trailhead for a nice walk into the hills. We paid CH$2,000 per person. Others paid CH$5,000 for a site.

Lakeside Parking, Puerto Rio Tranquillo (S46 37.428 W72 40.373, 192m)

Parking area in front of the lake. We asked the police if this was ok to park here overnight and they told us yes. No Facilities. Free. Very windy.

Camping Pudu, Puerto Rio Tranquillo (S46 38.040 W72 39.888, 217m)

Lovely campsite with great views of the lake. Probably the best toilet and shower block of any campsite we’ve been to on this trip. Amazing hot showers with good pressure. Wind breaks. Firepits. Picinic Tables. Sauna (CH$12000 for 4). Campsite CH$5000 per person.

Glacier Exploradores (S46 29.882 W73 09.281, 148m)

Car Park for the Glacier. Toilets outside the ticket office for the glacier. Free.

Rio Nef Overlook, South of Bertrand (S47 07.860 W72 43.744, 181m)

Large area high on cliff above river. Well off the road and great views. A little slopey but not too hard to get flat. No facilities. Free.

Caleta Tortel (S47 47.747 W73 31.865, 53m)

Parking area for town. Toilets available (CH$100 but were left unlocked overnight). The parking area was full overnight so would recommend not arriving too late. Free.

Camping by Bridge over Rio Negro (S47 58.848 W73 10.235, 2m)

Gravel area by bridge over Rio Negro. Would make good overnight camping. No Facilities. Free.

On Rio Mayer, Villa O’Higgins (S48 25.181 W72 32.991, 271m)

On wide flat river bank – views of snowcapped mountains. No facilities. Free.

Puerto Yungay Ferry (S47 56.129 W73 19.433, 24m)

Small Parking area on North side of ferry. Toilets at café. Free. For 20km after ferry going North there is really nowhere to camp.

On South side there are a number of places to camp near the ferry perhaps the best is Rio Negro Bridge (S47 58.848 W73 10.235) which is about 5km from ferry terminal. You could also spend the night at Southern ferry (S47 58.077 W73 13.426) although there is less room – we saw cyclists making camp inside the waiting room where there is a toilet.

Beachside, Chile Chico (S46 32.334 W71 42.931, 217m)

At beach on lake. Quite busy during the day with locals enjoying the lake and swimming. Very quiet overnight and patrolled by police. No Facilities. Free.


Chilean Tierra Del Fuego

Plaza, Cerro Sombrero (S52 46.582 W69 17.474, 41m)

Sheltered from fierce wind behind old cinema museum. Very quiet overnight. No Facilities. Free.

Lago Blanco (S54 03.990 W68 57.365, 121m)

Designated free camping area in light woodland on shores of lake. There are pit toilets here but they are scary. Suits smaller vehicles or tent camping more than a bigger truck.   There is plenty of space for a bigger truck but it is difficult to get shelter from the wind. Free.

Bahia Azul (S52 29.678 W69 31.271, 2m)

At the TdF side of the ferry. Very quiet overnight and allowed us to get first ferry in the morning. There are toilets and a shower in the visitor centre. We parked behind a long high wall to get shelter from the wind. Free.


Far South Chile

 Parque Chabanco, Punta Arenas (S52 59.227 W70 48.822, 2m)

Free Camping areas with fire pits and some corrugated iron shelters. By sea. Some trees for wind shelter. We parked right on sea front but below the area with trees.

Rio Serrano Camping, Torres del Paine (S51 13.682 W72 58.426, 13m)

Nice campsite with good views. Grills, shelters with benches, lights and a table. Power. Water available from outside taps at bathroom block. Clean showers and toilets. Pay Campsite. CH$10,000 for two with free wood included in price.

Hotel Las Torres, Torres del Paine (S50 58.388 W72 52.423, 122m)

Very nice hotel with a parking area out front (on grass) where you can camp (if self-contained) and leave your vehicle while off hiking. There are very nice toilets in the hotel . There is also a day use area next to the car park with picnic tables and a small shop. Free.

Los Cuernos, Torres del Paine (S51 01.432 W72 59.172, 87m) – Tent and Refugio only

Private campsite on the W which you must walk to. Cooking hut (small with only 2 tables). Tent platforms. Bar & Refugio.   Toilets and showers (only 2 for at least 100 people). Potable water. This felt very expensive and very crowded and the facilities were insufficient for the number of people using the campground (though this maybe because the next campsite, Camping Italia, was closed at the time we visited). There is a bar here and meals can be purchased. CH$8,000 per person.

Paine Grande Mountain Lodge, Torres del Paine (S51 04.311 W73 05.681, 42m) – Tent and Refugio Only

National Park Campsite on the W which you must walk to. Large grass area for tents – best shelter against wind right up against hillside. Quincho for cooking with gas stove. Potable Water. Toilets & Showers. Big bar/restaurant which serves a buffet dinner for CH$10,500. Small shop. Price CH$4,500 per person.